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EP0631109A1 Passive image sensor navigation system

A system of navigation that derives the velocity vector without the use of an inertial navigation system (INS). The system uses the motion of the scene viewed by the imager in the imager's field of view (FOV) in order to calculate the aircraft velocity. ...from a second sensor that enables calculation of the scale factor such that the velocity magnitude and direction is known on an absolute scale....

US 9,435,613 Semi-active laser seeker synchronization A system for semi-active laser seeker synchronization includes a laser target designator configured to emit a laser pulse signal and a seeker configured to detect the emitted signal … to synchronize the emission of the laser pulse signal and the detection of the seeker.

US 9,494,687 Seeker having scanning-snapshot FPA A dual-mode laser-based and image-based seeker for projectiles, missiles, and other ordnance ... use a single digital imager having a single focal plane array (FPA) sensor to sense data in both the image-based and laser-based modes of operation … control the imager's shuttering to detect, decode and localize in the imager's field-of-view a known pulse repetition frequency (PRF) from a known designator in the presence of ambient light and other confusing target designators …

US 9,568,583 Asynchronous pulse detection through sequential time sampling of optically spread signals A method to spread laser photon energy over separate pixels to improve the likelihood that the total sensing time of all the pixels together includes the laser pulse. The optical signal is spread over a number of pixels ... the pixel read times may be staggered such that laser pulse energy will be detected by at least one pixel during the required pulse interval ...


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