IRCM Infrared countermeasures

Protection of military and civilian aircraft against terrorist attacks with shoulder-launched IR guided missiles is a critical issue in the war on terror. New technology developments in DIRCM (Directed Infrared Countermeasures) are challenged in the market by significant advances from alternative technologies, leading to contradictory claims. NIRCM has the capability to provide detailed and objective analysis of countermeasure technology and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Modelling and analysis of DIRCM effectiveness with emphasis on wide-body aircraft

  • Modelling and analysis of decoy flare countermeasures
  • Infrared signature analysis
  • Countermeasures to imaging seekers

In addition to current threats that have been in operational use since the 1980's, seeker technology continues to evolve. The latest generations of imaging infrared seekers pose a threat entirely different in character from the Stinger-type and SA-7 through SA-24. NIRCM, with the background of participation in the NATO ISS (Imaging Seeker Surrogate) project, has the expertise on methods to counter the latest generation threats.