Advanced infrared countermeasures for aircraft protection

Imaging seeker countermeasure techniques and trials

Analysis of operational and technical issues in electro-optic warfare fratricide

Sensor systems, Aerojet DSP program

Image sensor design and image processing algorithm for the SADARM anti-tank munition

Project engineer for the POLYPHEME control station imaging infrared fiber-optic guided missile

  • developed navigation and terminal guidance methods in image processing
  • received patent on navigation method using image sensor

Project engineer for the NATO ISS (Imaging Seeker Surrogate) Countermeasures against imaging seekers

Model of DIRCM effectiveness against IR missile seekers, analyzed effectiveness for

  • DIRCM installation on wide-body aircraft
  • NATO Industrial Advisory Group 74 on protection of VIP aircraft against MANPADS
  • NATO-EUROCONTROL security coordinating group joint study on vulnerability reduction against MANPADS

Field trial design, execution and analysis for air, land, and sea environments

Analysis of technology implementation and operational impact of high energy laser DEW

Laser spectral sensing technology implementation for detection of explosives

Automotive advanced driver-assistance systems ADAS Advanced compact lightweight laser rangefinder development

Consultant to IHS Janes

Expert witness DIRCM procurement dispute

Dual mode SWIR/SAL Shortwave imaging IR and Semi-active Laser seeker